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Raw Berry Mini Cheesecakes

Base: 1 cup dates (pitted and presoaked in water for 10 minutes at least) 

1 cup walnuts (or almonds) 


1.5 cup cashews (soaked in water for few hours prior, then drained)  

Juice of 1 large lemon 

1/2 cup coconut milk 

1/2 cup maple syrup (or honey) optional: just 1/3 if would like less sweet 

1 tablespoon coconut oil 

1/2 cup of frozen berries 

Blend the base in a food processor or good blender. Lightly grease (oil etc.) bottom of muffin tin (I use a plastic muffin tray which doesn’t need greasing). Put a little bit of the mixture in each well and refrigerate while preparing the filling. Blend the ingredients for the filling and place on top of the base. Refrigerate for approximately 2 hours before eating (or less if freezing). 

Will last for approximately 2 weeks in the freezer and I take one out about 20 minutes before wanting to eat it (or a quick micro zap).

Enjoy! X


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